Challenges Single Female Homeowner Have When Finding Trusted, Affordable and Reliable Handyman Service

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Single women have been making great strides toward homeownership in recent years. According to the National Association of Realtors, single women account for 17% of homebuyers in the United States, while single men make up just 7%. After married couples, single women are the largest homebuying demographic in the country. Homeownership while a joy, can present challenges when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Women especially face these challenges if they are not familiar with these types of repairs and hiring a trusted, reliable and affordable handyman. They are frequently the targets of price gouging and other unethical or even criminal actions. Here are a few challenges that single women homeowners may encounter and how they can deal with them.

Price Gouging

Many persons complain about the pain of hiring expensive handyman services. They charge exorbitant prices because they feel they are skilled enough to do so. Compound that with being a female homeowner with no partner to help negotiate. Female homeowners have shared experiences of receiving bids from handymen that were twice the price of bids submitted by other handymen. They assume the female homeowner may not be knowledgeable of the cost of the service. To combat this issue, it’s helpful to seek multiple bids and ask for referrals from friends and family who have used the service. It’s important to remember, however, that the lowest price may not always be the best. Ensure that while you are careful not to be cheated with high prices, you hire a suitable handyman service.

Substandard Work

Some handymen assume that because they were hired by a single female homeowner, it means that she is not capable of doing or understanding the work. This leads to substandard work that costs time and energy to rectify. Imagine the horror of hiring a handyman to fix your leaking sink and after he leaves, the problem persists, he was already paid and no longer answers the phone. Some have even lamented the issue of hiring a handyman who has spent weeks working on a job that could be done in half the time. The handyman showed up late or sometimes not at all.

Referrals are a great way to deal with the issue of substandard work. Using someone who has built a reputation with other people who you trust can help to mitigate the risk of dealing with a stranger. Get yourself acquainted with the problem you may be having and the solution. If you are familiar with the issue, while you may not be capable of fixing it yourself, you’ll be certain what it should look like when it’s repaired. If possible, work with your handyman as he completes the job. Overseeing your work can ensure that the job is performed to your liking.


The stories of theft by a handyman do not favor any gender or marital status. However female homeowners are prone to incidents of theft since they are often alone or occupied with children and may not be able to monitor the handyman. Reports include theft of items in the home, money, food or even the material used to complete the work they were hired to perform. Doing a background check may seem like an additional cost, but it can provide peace of mind knowing you are hiring someone who is reliable and trustworthy. While a background check may help, if a person has moved on from their former lifestyle, reviews will attest to this. Read reviews before hiring a service. If they’ve stolen from a homeowner before, someone would have written about it. Install a camera if possible, to monitor your home while a handyman is working there.

Hiring a reliable and trustworthy handyman as a single female homeowner does not have to be an extreme challenge for the woman who is prepared.