Challenges Single Senior Citizen Homeowners Face When Searching for A Trusted, Affordable and Reliable Handyman Service

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Finding reliable help around the house can oftentimes be challenging for senior citizens. Many may wish to stay at home and age in place, but age-related capabilities may cause them to move into a care facility. If you are a senior citizen and homeowner you may at some point also experience challenges finding a trustworthy, reliable and affordable handyman service. Senior citizens are often targeted for scams and theft. These are among some of the challenges they may face when searching for a handyman.


Elderly homeowners often fall victim to overcharging because they are unaware of the cost of a service. Due to age and other limitations, they are not always able to do extensive research and get multiple bids for a service. This is the primary challenge that single elderly homeowners often face. Depending on your area, you may be able to access information from a local government agency that aids the elderly. Asking family and friends for suggestions is also helpful. You can discuss the cost that is being quoted to perform the service with someone experienced who you trust.


It is estimated that the average victim of elder financial abuse is a woman, age 80 to 89, who lives alone. Being scammed by a handyman is one of the many challenges that elderly homeowners face. Handyman services may overcharge an elderly client because they are unaware of the cost of a service. If the homeowner is visually impaired, they may even leave work unfinished, causing the homeowner more distress. In addition to unfinished labor, they may create more damage which would suggest that the elderly homeowner will need to pay for added work.

These scams are unfortunate and heartbreaking when we think about senior citizens. One way to deal with this issue is by getting assistance when hiring help. If you have family members who can help, ask them to be present when a handyman will be at your home. If you do not have any family, a trusted neighbor or community member may be useful. Where possible, get referrals for professional and reliable handyman services from your family or friends. This may even be at your place of worship or your local community center. Perform background checks and ensure they are licensed.


Imagine hiring a handyman to help around the house, but then you start noticing that items are going missing. This is an all too common occurrence when elderly homeowners invite the use of a handyman service in their home. There have been thousands of cases of this nature reported due to the vulnerability of the homeowner. Elderly homeowners must also beware of scammers who pose as a handyman, invade their home and steal their valuables. For example, reports have surfaced of an individual in once city who offered handyman services to an elderly woman after observing cracks in her driveway. The woman paid for the service upfront and the man stole her money and never completed the job. In order to avoid this situation, elderly homeowners should never agree to have anyone perform unsolicited work, especially at a cost. Avoid paying the full cost of any service upfront. Ask for help from family, friends or any local agency that can assist the elderly.

Whether the task is a small repair or regular home maintenance, single elderly homeowners will need to hire a handyman they can trust. Vulnerabilities faced by the aged should not be a deterrent in hiring a handyman once they are armed with the right information and can get the help they need.

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